Broadcasts & Live Sets

Broadcasts & Live Sets


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Kosmos Koncert #36

January 25 2021

Live Performance &  Video Art

Presented by Brueder Selke &  Rechenzentrum Potsdam. A live performance and video art collage. Harmonium, rindik, piano, moog, voice, improvisations layered with thick ambient textures. 



Welcome to my Home Concerts

March 2020 - June 2020

Live Improvised Performance

From March 21 to June 20, I performed 12 live streaming concerts, connecting with friends and family all over the globe. The concerts, each lasting almost an hour in length, consited of music entirly improvised, invented on the spot. Acoustic piano, Moog synthesizer, Balinese Rindik, Voice, and some assorted effects were the instruments used.

Wanderlust # 55 - Mangrove Drive

April 5 2020

Field Recording, Audio Collage

Wanderlust is a weekly ticket to the concert hall of this new orchestra. Each episode features a soundscape, field recording or experimental composition of at least 25 minutes, capturing sonic environments in all their diversity with contributions from across the world.

Cashmere Radio: Artist in Residence

February 22, 2020

Live Performance

Eric Maltz presents the music he's written and refined during his residency at
Cashmere Radio.

Cashmere Specials with Helene

January 24, 2020


Eric(he is here as a residence) and Me made a Interview, talking about his
influences and experiences from "Gamelan music", why he more likes the sea than a lake and if there is a connection from the Music Taste and the Personality.


La Rara Radio

December 21, 2019

Live Performance

Eric es un pianista, compositor y productor nacido en Nueva York, que desde el 2016 reside en Berlín. Muy activo en la escena electrónica de vanguardia, a tocado en Berlin Atonal 2018.

Display Resolution #29

March 23, 2019

Live Performance/Interview

John Loveless is joined from Lichtenberg by avant-garde electronic and ambient
composer, Eric Maltz, playing an improvised live set.