The Seed of Time


This interdisciplinary and multi-sensorial intervention aims for a change in consciousness through the act of creating and presenting novel forms of experience. Through a range of sensorial stimulations, the project as a whole aspires to generate awareness of our surroundings and the body on both macro and micro levels; reconnecting the visitors and participants with their own sense of self, with their own innate equilibrium. The project starts from the point of architecture, but through the participatory performance it provides different ways of seeing, extending ideas of other concepts; of ways of being, of ways of living, of ways of thinking. Read More...



A participatory art installation that immerses its visitors (one at a time) in a multi sensorial encounter with the element water.
 The fantastical journey and space reflect on various aspects and manifestations of water as a unique element connecting and nurturing all life as we know it, stimulating an innate awareness of one's self, one's environment and one's self in this environment.
 Firnocene premiered at the Open Senses Festival in London. Read More...

Annika Kappner

Annika creates multi-sensory compositions in the extended field of painting, combining installation, sculpture, sound and performance to create glitches in perception.  Annika and I have been long time collaborators, both on individual projects and via our art collective Elephants & Volcanoes. Find out more about her singular work:

GAIA Rising

Gaia Rising

GAIA Rising is a context specific soundwalk exploring notions of the Earth as a Planetary Body through the somatic. The work was co-commissioned by Sonic Somatic Festival and BIA Bienal Internacional de Arte Amazónico. The work researches historic and environmental context specific somatic relations with, and experiences of the Earth.

Aquarian Gardens

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Cosmic Conciousness

Cosmic Conciousness

A guided meditation created by artist Annika Kappner invites the visitor to explore the (bio) diversity and complexity of The New Garden; to connect himself to his surroundings and experience the hybrid, seemingly conflicting elements of the environment through the senses. Combining elements of the urban and social soundscape with information on healing properties and the diverse history of the plants inhabiting The New Garden, a new experiential dimension is created. Juxtaposing and blending sensory layers that are associated with specific concepts (eg. scientific, esoteric, class, ethnicity, exotic, indigenous, plant, animal, human, natural, artificial) the work seeks to unveil unconscious emotions and mental representations related to predominant dualistic ways of thinking and experiencing (social) space.

Cosmic Conciousness is a video & music collaboration exploring the power of repetition and subconcious symbology. Watch Video Series