photos from Sadie Weis' installation PLASMATIC: A Hologram Installation in Monom

My notes from the lectures I attended at Tech Open Air 2019:

July 3rd

Neural Networks, Deep Learning & Artistic Expression - Bruce Sterling (Author and Futurist)

Computer Vision
Open Source
Neural Networks - can be used for sound and art
Ganbreeder- make your own photos
pix2pix - style transfer, can take abstract images and turn them into photos
Nvidia AI Playground
Google AI Blog - Inceptionism - Going deeper into Neural Networks - this is where Deep Dream came from.
Runway ML - Build your own AI in their cloud
Alpha Zero v.s. Stockfish - Chess robot versus Chess Robot “Imortal Zugzwang Game”
Holly Herndon - Proto
Talk to Transformer (Facebooks open AI for writing)
AI is all about math and de bugging

EUART - ai art grant from the European Union - Style Transfer Suit
“AI will be generally novel for a few more years"


Exploring Electronic Art: The Internet of Women Things - Jasmina Tesanovic (Casa Jasmina)


“Diary of a Political Idiot”
Casa Jasmine, house of the future
7 points - Women think differently about technology
Share Festival
Bio Art
Check her manifesto
Deep Lab


But really it's Deep Lab the feminist movement
Art of Internet without Internet
Caroline Sanders
Fanni Dada
The regional importance of a device, for example Italian coffee versus American coffee versus Serbain coffee, all are different styles and all need their own device to be made accordingly.
**During the Serbian/Croation was everyone was listening to the same music, wanting to hear what was going on on the other side!
Sophie Kahn
Why do we need a cloud?
Viola van Alphen
Artistic and Critical approach
Filament Sculptures
“If I ever thought of myself as a woman I never would have made it” Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti
Code Artist, Generative Artist
Don’t be a hidden ghost feminist
Leonardo’s colors were the consequence of women cooking - the steam from the food fading the painting, when it was restored no one liked the way it looked, they wanted the faded colors back
“basically its all about painting and cooking”


Mental Health Workshop for Creatives - Portrait XO

journaling - writing boundaries, your concept can come after you finish and you become aware of your limitations
create goals within your boundaries
after you finish the list you will have a good idea of where and how you can work
journal is also a part of creating self love and self acceptance
helping others can be a great way to find humility
5-10 minutes of writing lists
Just let go and write, when pen hits paper magic happens, doesn't even matter what you begin to write just let it flow.
Seeing outside of ourselves
Start with gratitude
Finding the flow between input and output
There is always something new to learn
Unique combinations
Expectations versus reality
Internal self judgement - again learning how to be grateful
“Nothing is ever really perfect!”
Remember the happy accidents, helps to keep perspective

Art Hearts Science (But Can Science Heart Back?) - Florence Razoux (ZWEIGEIST Berlin), Portrait XO (Artist), Sadie Weis (Artist), Simonne Jones (Artist)                                            Moderator: Christian Rauch (STATE)


The combination of Art and Science

Sadie Weis
Searching for a meaning in your art
She collaborated with a Berlin based physics institute
There is meaning in art if it's reflecting real science
Can I get into a scientific environment and bring this knowledge into my work
She chose Biology and found a scientist mentor, found a place where they grow and create crystals
Molecular beam epitaxy, creating new elements for semiconductors
Research scientists also want to find a way they can communicate their ideas to the public, so it was a mutually beneficial relationship!

Simonne Jones
Artist residency at CERN
“Part of my job as a musician is to be multi-dimensional; because that is the state of innovation”
The same brain is operating in both spheres
She likes DIY projects, now she is building a Tesla Coil to use in music
Becoming comfortable with coding and computer and soldering
Science helps the way she thinks
Perspective of art and science together for the whole picture
A human being is only limited by their imagination

Portrait XO
Artist in Residence at Factory Berlin
She has Synesthesia, of Sound and Taste
Discovers how the brain works, likes oddities and weird things, the cross wiring of the senses
She has an AR installation here that transduces color to sound
Art is the most tangible way of communicating

Florence Razoux
Chinese Meridians
Lines that run through the body carrying energy
In Chinese medicine the brain does not exist

Listening Session by the Riverside - Craig Walker, Victor Van Vugt, Katia Isakoff,                 Henne Müller, Moderator: Martin Eyerer


Craig Walker
Them There, Archive, Booka Shade
Played the song The Fade Out Line by Them There, from 2009
A collaboration, they were connected by their publishing company (BMG) and got together for one day in a hotel room in Paris where they wrote the song
DJ did a remix and it became a big hit
Now they have a full length album coming out, recorded and produced by Victor Van Vugt, another Riverside member
He was looking to be part of a community
How can we be proactive in our communities?
Have a can do attitude
Always be working, always show up 5 days a week, its the days when you don’t feel like working but you show up anyway that the magic happens

Victor Van Vugt
Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Beth Orton, Depeche Mode
Played the song She Cries Your Name by Beth Orton
Acoustic Guitar! And its true the snare ring disappears in the mix
Collaborations, how accidents can happen
6 weeks of pre-production on Beth Orton’s record
Circular grooves
Allowing collaborations to happen
Publisher introduction to Riverside
Berlin is an easy place for musicians to travel to
5 minds are better than one

Katia Isakoff
Add N to (X), Suzanne Ciani, Marta Salogni, Anil Aykan
Played Electric Village by Add N to (X)
Drum loop synths on top, but bass and drum hold it down, she played electric guitar on the song
Studio complex is the answer
Always found herself working in studio complexes with other producers
Women Produce Music
In Kollab
Started off by inviting friends over to record them so she could learn more
Ash Ava
Record companies investing in women more, its a re-distribution of power

Henne Müller
Abby, Feeling Valencia, Gheist
Played Turn Turn Turn by Abby feat. Martin Eyerer
Good example of collaborations at Riverside, began to record a lot of features with other artists there
Collaborations are necessary to be able to work on multiple projects at the same time, a distribution of work

July 4

AI - Dance the Algorithm - Jovanka Wilsdorf



Aiva - AI Composing. She is owned by a copyright agency. She only gives out MIDI and needs to be edited and sounds created.
In November the Prague Philharmonic will play the third and final movement from Dvořák's "From the Future World" . The unfinished portion has been completed by Aiva's AI.
There is a free version of this software to use and experiment with

Folk RNN - Trained on old folk melodies, free website and it creates folk music melodies, you need to fill in the rest. Listening example: The Drunken Pint

Taryn Southern - Break Free from the album I Am AI
She worked with Amber to create this album. She said it was almost more work than if she had done it on her own because there was so much editing and selecting and fixing she had to do

AIs don’t do good song structure and don’t do good top lines. The engines still haven’t figured out proper phrasing and how to put emotional emphasis/articulation

Amper is trained by millions of samples and staffed by musicians. You can set style, tempo, genre, and it will give you full sections plus splits, full instrumentation.
Perfect for underscore, for commercials, and for online content. You can even pick where peaks and valleys should go so it syncs to picture. Great for situations where music just needs to sit under and be looped to deliver the content. 1,500 a year to use

Alysia - Bad @ Xmas, an app that allows you to make custom songs for special occasions

Vochlea - voice to MIDI software
Piano Genie - Google Magenta, Tensorflow
Holly Herndon
Shimon and Friends - Live @ Trivoly Utrecht

Collaboration as Key - Ves aka Grinderteeth (No Shade)

Used public funding to throw parties and bring in bigger names to attract a crown, very important as Berlin is quite over saturated
Funded by Music Board Berlin and working in collaboration with ACUD MACHT NEU
They collaborate with other like minded organizations like Discwoman, Pxssy Palace
Diversity is very in right now, as they have gotten bigger name wise they are now approached by brands
*Collectives have cultural power
To organize they use Slack, have weekly in-person meetings. It is a flat organizational structure, there is no hierarchy. Members take on responsibilities according to their abilities and time.
Social media presence often determines how much you can charge/expect to get paid.
They don’t feel competitive among themselves, its all about co-operation
They keep all their emails very short and to the point
Everything takes time and hard work!
They spent a lot of time writing funding applications!
How you present yourself is very important
They used money from one gig to buy proper photo equipment, so they could do photo shoots and have good image online for press etc.
Big brands will always try to undercut you, but if its a big name the money is there. Its important to ask and talk with people you know in the industry to get and idea of what you can charge.