Eric Maltz is multi-instrumentalist with an ear for the improvised and experimental. He runs the label Flower Myth, a platform where he curates and produces the muzine Acoustic Jaguar. Eric is a composer and sound designer for film and multi-media and has had his original music released on Possible Futures, Midnight Themes, Novel Sound, and Flower Myth. He has brought his live performance to Berlin Atonal, Tresor, and Cashmere Radio.

2021 Eric Maltz Voice Patterns DL [Flower Myth]
2020 Breuder Selke x Eric Maltz Zero Crossing Cas/DL [Flower Myth]
2020 Rawa & Eric Maltz Latigi D. Icaros DL [Flower Myth]
2020 Eric Maltz Connecting Home Part 1 DL [Flower Myth]
2020 Annika Kappner GAIA Rising Producer, Sound Design DL [Self Release]
2020 Annika Kappner Pranic Grid Producer, Sound Design DL [Self Release]
2020 Brother Antonius Heroin Producer, Co-Writer DL [Self Release]
2019 Eric Maltz Dream Journal LP/DL [Flower Myth]
2019 Various Artists Acoustic Jaguar Vol.1 Editor,Contributor Muzine/Cas/DL [Flower Myth]
2019 She Keeps Bees Kinship Synths, String Arrangements LP/CD/DL [BB Island]
2019 Marlon Hoffstadt Second Track Remix DL [Midnight Themes]
2019 Eric Maltz feat. Cristina Valentina Naked Broken LP/DL [Possible Futures]
2018 Eric Maltz Estuaries LP/DL [Flower Myth]
2018 Eric Maltz Pathway LP/DL [Flower Myth]
2017 Eric Maltz NS17 LP/DL [Novel Sound]
2016 Eric Maltz Light Pieces DL [Self Release]
2016 Brother Antonius Lazarus DL [Self Release]
2015 Eric Maltz Pallares In Space DL [Self Release]
2014 Nishit Patel & Eric Maltz Intuition DL [Self Release]
2014 Eric Maltz We Used To Be Free DL [Self Release]
2013 Eric Maltz, Mónica Kisic, Annika Kappner Come Conciencia Book/LP/DL [Self Release]
2012 Eric Maltz Retinae DL [Self Release]

Film / Multimedia / Installation / Dance, etc
2021 Annika Kappner AKWA Music, Performance [Installation/Performance]
2021 ORA Collective Winter ID Music [Short Films]
2020 Audemars Piguet Born in Le Brassus Music,Mix [Advertisement]
2020 Label Noir/Maxim Gorki Theatre On Noah's Blood Stained Rainbow We Dance Music [Theatre/Film]
2020 Leendert Roosenbrand Eden Music,Sound Design,Mix [Short Film]
2019 Fransisco Lobo, Romea Muryn The Sky Commodified Music,Sound Design,Mix [Feature Documentary]
2017 Elephants & Volcanoes Firnocene Co-Creator,Sound Design [Installation/Performance]

Selected Performances / Residencies
2021 Kosmo Konzerte #36 w/Brueder Selke | streaming via Rechenzentrum, Potsdam,DE                                                                          2020 Cashmere Radio Artist in Residence | Berlin, DE 
2019  Flower Myth Anniversary Party w/ Beatrice Dillon, Paul Frick, Kristiina Männikkö, Curious Paul | Arkaoda Berlin, DE
2018  Berlin Atonal | Berlin DE
2017  Firnocene w/ Elephants & Volcanoes | London, UK

Selected Interviews / Press, etc.                                                                                                                                                                       Interview with Greg Fenton for Magazine Sixty                                                                                                                                               8 tracks for Ransome Note
Beatrausch Interview
Interview with Filip Lindström for Profet