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Eric Maltz

Producer / Composer / Pianist

Producer Eric Maltz, NYC native [now] based in Berlin, introduced himself to the dance music community with the debut ep NS17 on Levon Vincent’s Novel Sound label. “The fiendishly eclectic and left-of-centre set” * shows a generous cross-section of Eric’s electronic output, with tracks like the dub techno All The Things featuring Eric on vocals, the trance inducing ambience ambient Symphony at Dawn, the big room techno of Time the sultry vocal house of We Have Power. ”Ace Techno that actually sounds & blends Dub, Minimal & Ambient traditions” **

Coming up on 2018 is his first 12” on his own record label Flower Myth. The Pathway EP features 3 tracks that explore the doubts and fears one faces and has to overcome when setting out on a new path. Aimed squarely at the dancefloor this music will be heard at full volume this spring.

Where did it begin? Piano lessons at 6 set Eric on his path. Studying not just classical but improvisation, the urge to write music blossoms and Eric purchases a 4track, sampler + drum machine at 15. After high school he studies studio composition at the conservatory, and afterwards lands a job working at Halcyon record shop alongside Levon Vincent. Soon after he finds himself working full time in recording studios, changes gears and moves to Lima then Madrid > multi lingual and music is a beautiful pure free language of it’s own > 

Underneath all the life experience the piano is always resonating, traveling with Eric everywhere an external organ expressing the inner, always improvising, creating, experimenting, the pianos sonorities can be found in almost every creation, sometimes obvious, sometimes disguised.

Next/now? Playing out, actual live electronic dance music, spontaneous, getting the computer to sing, getting the computer to smoke, getting the keys hot, the room hotter. Stirring the soup. Eric performs live with computers and synthesizers and a piano (if you can fit it in the booth – “there’s always room for a piano” Macky always says). A whole world, no screens no lights – just a black room, and sweat and bodies moving, and space traveling together.

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