The Sky Commodified


The Sky Commodified is a new documentary film about the telescopic arrays and data proccesing used at the observatories in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Directed by Francisco Lobo, Romea Muryń & Maya Shopova, the film recently premiered at The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. I wrote several songs for the film and produced the sound track via my label Flower Myth. I was also the Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer for the film. Watch the film here, sound track to be released soon. 


Acoustic Jaguar Volume One


Acoustic Jaguar Vol1-TapeCover
Acoustic Jaguar Vol1-Magazine

Welcome to my new muzine, Acoustic Jaguar!

A muzine is music + zine. This is an experimental format, existing both visually and aurally, sort of like a dream but in a physical form you can touch while you are awake.

Acoustic Jaguar is  a very beautiful 16 page magazine and 40 minute cassette tape, combined to create a limited edition muzine. Acoustic Jaguar is also available as a FREE digital download, download the mp3s and a pdf of the magazine and get inspired!

This muzine’s purpose is to give more permanence and weight to our ideas and to share our love and inspiration. Acoustic Jaguar is a platform of experimentation and self-expression. Watch it echo out into the world!

Volume One features contributions from some amazing artists: Joey Anderson, Phil Moffa, Clovis Wieske, Mónica Kisic Aguirre, Annika Kappner, Paul Frick, Nicolás Kisic Aguirre, and of course myself (Eric Maltz).

She Keeps Bees - Kinship



“…a peculiar, intense and quietly trippy affair…” MOJO Magazine

I recently worked with the NYC based band She Keeps Bees on their beautiful new album Kinship. This record is truly special, with a deep soulful folk rock vibe bordering on trip-hop.

I wrote and recorded the string arrangements, and played  piano and synth as well. The strings were played by Alice Dixon on cello and Simon Goff on violin.

Dream Journal - 12" Single



"WOW, What a Journey!" - Mixmag

Dream Journal is two long form cuts for the deep dance floors.

A side Dream Journal is one for the REM cycles. A development of my signature psychedelic deep house sound, dub sound effects jump in and out of focus, swirling arpeggios pan across the stereo field and a playful piano solo take turns at the center of the stage as a deep bass line, live congas, and funk-ready drum machine hold the fort.

Subliminal Virgo is exactly that, hitting with a loose breakbeat and echoes of Dream Journal before settling into an unstoppably subby 4x4 throb. A synth solo hides deep under the layers as we adventure into the dark chasms of thought gaps.