Artist in Residence at Cashmere Radio


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From January 20 to February 22 I will be Artist in Residence at Cashmere Radio. During my residency I will explore the fusion of Electronic Music and Gamelan. I will revisit my archive of teachings and field recordings, from my time in Bali; creating new material and refining already synthesized songs. I will finish an album of music that will mix hemispheres, combining NYC production aesthetics with Balinese timbres and melody.  Listen and read more here.

The Sky Commodified


The Sky Commodified is a new documentary film about the telescopic arrays and data proccesing used at the observatories in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Directed by Francisco Lobo, Romea Muryń & Maya Shopova, the film recently premiered at The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. I wrote several songs for the film and produced the sound track via my label Flower Myth. I was also the Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer for the film. Watch the film here, sound track to be released soon. 


Acoustic Jaguar Volume One


Acoustic Jaguar Vol1-TapeCover
Acoustic Jaguar Vol1-Magazine

Welcome to my new muzine, Acoustic Jaguar!

A muzine is music + zine. This is an experimental format, existing both visually and aurally, sort of like a dream but in a physical form you can touch while you are awake.

Acoustic Jaguar is  a very beautiful 16 page magazine and 40 minute cassette tape, combined to create a limited edition muzine. Acoustic Jaguar is also available as a FREE digital download, download the mp3s and a pdf of the magazine and get inspired!

This muzine’s purpose is to give more permanence and weight to our ideas and to share our love and inspiration. Acoustic Jaguar is a platform of experimentation and self-expression. Watch it echo out into the world!

Volume One features contributions from some amazing artists: Joey Anderson, Phil Moffa, Clovis Wieske, Mónica Kisic Aguirre, Annika Kappner, Paul Frick, Nicolás Kisic Aguirre, and of course myself (Eric Maltz).

She Keeps Bees - Kinship



“…a peculiar, intense and quietly trippy affair…” MOJO Magazine

I recently worked with the NYC based band She Keeps Bees on their beautiful new album Kinship. This record is truly special, with a deep soulful folk rock vibe bordering on trip-hop.

I wrote and recorded the string arrangements, and played  piano and synth as well. The strings were played by Alice Dixon on cello and Simon Goff on violin.

Dream Journal - 12" Single



"WOW, What a Journey!" - Mixmag

Dream Journal is two long form cuts for the deep dance floors.

A side Dream Journal is one for the REM cycles. A development of my signature psychedelic deep house sound, dub sound effects jump in and out of focus, swirling arpeggios pan across the stereo field and a playful piano solo take turns at the center of the stage as a deep bass line, live congas, and funk-ready drum machine hold the fort.

Subliminal Virgo is exactly that, hitting with a loose breakbeat and echoes of Dream Journal before settling into an unstoppably subby 4x4 throb. A synth solo hides deep under the layers as we adventure into the dark chasms of thought gaps.