Voice Patterns - Eric Maltz

A solo piano album created as a gift for my family to celebrate the New Year.


simple things. little things. feathers fallen from crows. story tellers.
unconscious. play. theater. innocence.
as simply as possible, as few notes as possible, as quiet as possible
possibly strings in hands, vocal cords, electricity to taste.
hearts warmth after midnight, before dawn, secret moments stolen
under moon light, between day dreams.
someone is always singing, or rather, there is always a song
to be heard. sometimes half asleep or half awake, hitting record for
one more take. for you. so the messenger, impatient, does not leave empty handed.
and so our mercury runs, across continents, across time, across the high wire strung
between distant hearts, and arrives with laughter and warm embrace.
repeating breathlessly twenty six ways to say the same thing:
we love you.


This album was created through multiple takes and overdubs of a B├╝lthner grand piano using a pair of DPA 4041 microphones. All effects processing through a Strymon Volante. All pieces were edited as little as possible, and created as spontaneously as possible.

written, recorded, and produced by Eric Maltz.
track #2 based on twinkle twinkle little star
track #5 based on the Prelude in C minor by JS Bach
track # 19 contains a poem by Keneth Rexroth "Night Below Zero"

album art by Alma Suzanne Maltz Kisic
graphic design by Nicolas Kisic Aguirre

special thank you to Pete Drungle for the use of his microphones.