Ora Collective - Sonic Branding

Ora Collective is building a community that enables you to start your own holistic health journey with likeminded individuals. I worked closely with Ora Collective to compose a score which would define their brand and form the foundation for all media they create.

Ora Collective - ID

Introspective, inspiring, building, and hopefull, the beginning of a deep personal transformation.

Ora Circle

What's your definition of Health?

An ambient re-mix of the Ora Collective theme.

A modified arrangement of the Ora Collective theme.

Ora Sounds Playlist

An ongoing playlist curation for Ora Collective

About the playlist: Each of these songs is a dream, is a story, is a piece making up a continuum, a thread of sound to weave through your day. Treading that boundary between known and unknown, thought and inspiration, dreaming and waking.

Waking from one dream to the next; a type of cascading, for example, one I’ve had many times over, of swimming, deep in the ocean, the sheer joy as I push myself forward deeply inhaling the water.

Meaningful dream fragments like these, I carry through the day, they give me a sense of calm, of peace, and a quiet strength in the waking world. I am full with these pieces in their spilling over mismatched tumble. I sometimes confuse my dreams for memories, and the other way around.

Imagine then the multitude of stories each living being has inside, the ones we’ve lived, the ones we’ve dreamed, the ones we’ve forgotten, the ones passed down, the calling, the ones telling our story, singing our steps into the future, as our past echoes out.