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My "Second Track" remix leads off Marlon Hoffstadt's Groove Magazine Podcast!

is the first release on my record label Flower Myth

A few months ago Marlon and I were introduced and  found we had a mutual admiration and respect of each others music and sound. He asked if I would be into working on a remix for one of his tracks, and I chose the super smooth "Second Track" of his 'Themes from my Future Self" release.

I was hapily suprised when Groove Magazine posted this podcast and saw my remix starting the whole thing off! Looking forward to the official release of the remix on Marlon's imprint, Midnight Themes, later in July.

On another note, I hope you take the time to read Marlon's interview on Groove's website, he's a really cool guy and super down to earth, and it's very rare that someone will open up so sincerly about themselves on a public forum. I found it very inspiring!


Click here to read the full interview with Marlon on Groove's website.

When it comes to producing, I am always self-sampling. I have a huge archive of music that goes decades back, with songs written for different purposes and events, ideas, sound design sessions, field recordings and more. I am constantly mining this archive for material and ideas, and of course always adding to it with each new release I create. Pathway (EP) comes from this sonic space, even though each track is it’s own world.

Opening on the title track, a bruising slice of machine techno stands out throughout “Pathway”. On “Ah-Shu-De-Ohu”, paranoid chimes swirl out of focus while chopped up vocals command attention. Free floating chords glide through a meditative soundscape on closer “Line Through”.

Pathway is available in vinyl format and distributed by Rubadub.


Track Listing

A1 - Pathway
A2 - Ah-Shu-De-Oh
B1 - Line Through

Listen here:

Listen to Pathway