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“Line Through”
is the soulful, textural B Side of Pathway, the first 12” to be released on my label
Flower Myth

Line Through revolves around an upbeat piano string strum I recorded in my studio. I love finding ways to sneak an acoustic piano into these electronic tracks. Even Pathway has a nice low 2 note piano bassline that comes in. Neither is really treated, eq-ed and compress to fit in the mix, but no sound design type processing. 

This track is the smoothest of the record, based on the piano and these super lush synth chords. I threw in the woofy bass line that’s sort of falling over itself to contrast its sweet character. I love this track cause it just sets up an atmosphere and stays there. Things are moving and shifting around, but very subtle. It’s also another track with a vocal running all the way through, but listening with my eyes closed I forget that it’s an actual voice and it just melts into a new sound. 

Very excited to have it in Resident Advisors New Tracks feature.

You can check out their write up here