Kosmo Konzerte # 36 presented by Brueder Selke & Rechenzetrum Potsdam

premiered January 25, 2021


A live performance and video art collage. In an age of endless live streams & pre recorded live sets (which are then broadcast as "live" performances) I sought to do something different. I placed as much focus on the visual presentation as I did on the music, chosing to create a series of live vignettes in different scenarios, featuring my piano turned into a canvas. Long psychedelic fades, overlapping textures, stuttering, swirling visuals, and a variety of instruments are all featured. Harmonium, rindik, piano, moog, voice, improvisations layered with thick ambient textures. I'm especialy pleased, as it gave me a platform to showcase the incredible oil on water visuals Annika Kappner had created for the Flower Myth Anniversary party thrown at Arkaoda in 2019. Close your eyes or keep them open, I hope this special set transports you to a world beyond.

A special thank you to Brueder Selke & Rechenzentrum Potsdam for inviting me to play!

Track listing:

1. Piano Drift

2. Improvisation with Rindik & Delay

3. Drone y Bessa

4. Unity Part One (Ambient Version)

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.19.47