A Very Special Performance

A Very Special Performance

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I used to work at Halcyon’s original Smith St location, so it was a really great feeling to fly back to Brooklyn and perform in their new Williamsburg spot. The vibe is still there, all the cats working there are super cool, knowledgeable, and down to earth. What made it even better was I got to invite my good friends Phil Moffa and Nate Mars to join the night with me. Nate played a killer live set and Phil played some incredible records between sets.

— Flyer designed by the one and only Clovis Wieske. He also did some giant wall sized ones which I’m sharing here as well.

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1710_EM_EM_Web_Home_Blog_Project page_03_InStore_Halcyon_Flyer_2340x1316px_01_b
1710_EM_EM_Web_Home_Blog_Project page_03_InStore_Halcyon_Flyer_2340x1316px_01_a