Latigi D. Icaro

Release out Sept. 15, 2020
Label Flower Myth
Artist Rawa & Eric Maltz
Format Digital

Rawa Muñoz is an artist and Onaya from the indigenous Shipibo community of San Francisco de Yarinacocha, just outside of Pucallpa, in the Amazon jungle of Peru. His community is being hard hit by Covid19 and the situation there is desperate, as it is in many of the towns and cities in Peru’s Amazon region.

Rawa has begun a series of collaborations, facilitated by sound artist Nicolas Kisic Aguirre, to raise money for vital supplies and to create awareness about the dire situation he and his community are facing. Here we share an unreleased song featuring Rawa singing an Icarrao and music written by Eric Maltz, a composer for film and art, based in Berlin.

All proceeds from the sale of this single will be given to Rawa and his community.


Vocals by Rawa
Music, Production, and Mix by Eric Maltz
Mastered by Phil Moffa
Artwork by Jon Legere
Executive Producer: Nicolas Kisic Aguirre

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