GAIA Rising

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GAIA Rising is an immersive installation investigating notions of the Earth as an interconnected web of life - the planetary body - through the senses.

Elephants & Volcanoes

This immersive experience, conceived and designed by artist Annika Kappner, takes place inside a cave-like space. A guided meditation invites us to explore our relationship with other beings, matter and the Earth through our own bodies. The cave has been, since the dawn of humanity, a place of shelter and connection with the Earth, a place of rebirth and regeneration. The somatic dimension of these concepts are explored through tactile, visual, olfactory and aural motives. The work features the chant of Shaman Ibeyis Chamba Hurtado. Different iterations of the work have been shown at Ampersands W139 in Amsterdam (NL), Sonic Somatic Festival in Florence (IT) and the Bienal Internacional de Arte Amazónico in Pucallpa (PE)

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