Three clandestine encounters between people who desire to touch and be touched.

Cast: Carry Tefsen, Ergün Simsek, Marijn Claessen, Eline Havenaar, David Janse, Roel Pronk, Jolijn Wendel.

Written and directed by Leendert Roosenbrand.
Cinematography: Juliana Gömez
Art and styling: Estrella Dewi de Graaf

Production: Leendert Roosenbrand & Eline Havenaar
Editing: Ana Maria Alvarado
Color grading: Nataly Pinilla
Sound design and music: Eric Maltz
Graphic design: No Water for Whales

Voice over: Charles Czarnecki
Vocals: Fabíola

Locations: Sexyland & NDSM-werf
Made with the support of the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts