Acoustic Jaguar Volume One

is the first release on my record label Flower Myth

Inspirational Experimental Muzine!

This crazy experimental muzine I've been working on is almost ready for release, the first issue just arrived today. Planning a folding party with some friends to prepare the 144 limited edition issues before I mail them off to a few select shops and share them with friends and strangers! Now just waiting for the accompanying cassettes and everything is ready to go!!

You can get your issue here

This muzine’s purpose is to give more permanence and weight to our ideas, to be a platform of experimentation and self-expression, to share our love and inspiration and watch it echo out into the world.

Each artist was given a folder of images and poems to start the creative process. They were asked to create a piece of music and an accompanying visual document. The music’s sound could be anywhere from experimental to dance floor, the visual anything from a photo to a poem. The results are expansive, running the whole gamut of human experience and emotion, soaring and profound. Aural and visual journeys that are at once personal and universal.

It is imperative that you take the time to immerse yourself in this experience, play the cassette or download the music, unfold the magazine. Allow yourself to drift off, absorb the images, follow the melodies, let the whispers of inspiration guide you.