Acoustic Jaguar Muzine

This muzine’s purpose is to give more permanence and weight to our ideas, to be a platform of experimentation and self-expression. A protable immersive experience, each sound piece and it's accompanying visual are design to evelope the viewer in a new perspective. Indended for all, each issue is available digitally for free, and as a limited physical copy.

Volume 1

Acousti Jaguar 1 – Merch 2 – small

Flower Myth Presents
Acoustic Jaguar Volume One

Side A                                                                                           Clovis Wieske Memory Print
Phil Moffa Planetarium Experiment # 5
Eric Maltz The Rindik is Not A Carry-On
Annika Kappner Deep Planetary Sensing

Side B                                                                                    Paul Frick / Allergy Boy Anti Sex Zaun
Mónica Kisic Aguirre An Offering to let go and re-Set
Joey Anderson If I Never Said So
Nicolás Kisic Aguirre Place of Departure

Each artist was given a folder of images and poems to start the creative process. They were asked to create a piece of music and an accompanying visual document. The music’s sound could be anywhere from experimental to dance floor, the visual anything from a photo to a poem. The results are expansive, running the whole gamut of human experience and emotion, soaring and profound. These aural and visual journeys that are at once personal and universal.

Acoustic Jaguar -Merch-1