Artist in Residence at Cashmere Radio


For one month I will be the Artist in Residence at Cashmere Radio. I will be going deep into the fusion of Electronic Music and Gamelan, using the studios here to finish an album of original material based on this musical combination. This page will serve as an archive for all the material I have researched and created.

Cashmere Guest Mix w/ Eric Maltz

The first item to be shared is my introductory radio show, where I collected music from a variety of artists working with this musical fusion between Electronic Music and Gamelan. It includes artists from all over the world, and spans genres from Ambient to Experimental, Club Music to Jazz. Enjoy the show!

Track List:

1. North East Gamelan - Eric Maltz
2. Electronic Gamelan Composition - David Fournier
3. Kalapa Garden - Young Marco
4. Prambanan - Wahono
5. Balungan - David Edren
6. J106 Revisit2 - Eric Maltz
7. Wirama (Kendang) - Fahmi Mursyid
8. Gong - Otto Sidharta
9. Kompang and Gamelan Remix - Unknown
10. Seoul Music - Yellow Magic Orchestra
11. Sun Drums and Gamelan - Sa/Ra
12. Mengurangu Kegiataan - Sea Tone
13. Gamelan to the Love God - Trabajo
14. Dengue - Jonny Nash & Lindsay Todd
15. Permafrost - Eric Maltz
16. Gamelan - Latitudes Trio
17. The Rindik Is Not A Carry On - Eric Maltz

Cashmere Specials w/ Helene

I sat down with Helena at Cashmere and had a really nice conversation about music and life and the residency! Here's what she has to say about the show, have a listen when you have time:

Eric (he is here as a residence) and Me made a Interview, talking about his influences and experiences from “Gamelan music”, why he more likes the sea than a lake and if there is a connection from the Music Taste and the Personality. After that there was enough time to play my currently favorite Songs.