There is a Building Fire of Conquest

Jaime Miranda Bambarén is an incredible sculptor, artist, film maker, and philosopher based in Lima, Perú. While I was living there we became good friends and always had deep and crazy conversations while drinking too much coffee. He began to create these really nice short documentaries about his projects, showing his processes and sharing his ideas. This documentary is about his most recognizable project, Semillas. He carves these beautiful spheres out of one piece of wood, sourced from fallen dead trees that he locates in the far reaches of the Peruvian countryside.


We had a few phone conversations about the mood, the emotion the music should have. It needed to be epic, to tell the story of this search, the heavy machinery and man power required to find, dig out, and transport the raw materials, and the woods ultimate transition into an object of art, and its installation into the lobby of one of Limas tallest buildings.



What sprang into my mind, was the story of Moby Dick, and Ahab’s relentless pursuit of the white whale. To me Jamie was the ships captain, standing in the flat bed of a pickup truck, with a singleminded intention to find and transform raw wood into high art.

Using this analogy I proceeded to write out a list of every cot along with its timecode, creating a sort of map for myself, and I marked all the important moments, allowing myself to use pastels, and be creative with colors, giving myself a visual cue for the emotions and arc the music should have. On a separate piece of paper I wrote out sound and instrumentation ideas, planing out the layers of musicality. I then went to work.


Jaime Pointing

This type of pre planning is really important part of my creative process whenever I work with a visual element. It allows me total freedom of thought, letting my imagination do the composing before hand, then I turn my machines on and go.

Here is the documentary, I hope you enjoy watching!