photos by Irene Wissel

My Studio

My studio is a very personal space. The extension of my personality, always evolving, always getting fixed, additions added, subtractions subtracted, gear coming gear going, it’s like the search for my personal sound causes the architecture of the world around me to shift and move, like the wake of a boat though the ocean.

I’ve always had a home studio set up, even while working in professional studios. There is something very nice about having your own personal space, available to you whenever you need it, especially during those early mornings and late nights when there is no urge to sleep and music is pouring into your head.

Here are a few photos of the latest incarnation. It has already shifted since these were taken a few months ago. You can’t step in the same river twice. I have some wonderful acoustic treatment, the room sounds really nice for recording, and is surprisingly quiet.

I can also get some really cool natural reverb and delays by positing the miss facing a far window, or by leaving the door to the hall open. I find that using these types of techniques, recording sound in the air, gives a lot of life and breath to music that is written with computers and synthesizers.

I’ve done a lot of recording here already, mostly of cello, violin, vocalists, percussion, and of course, the piano. There is nothing better than being able to set up a microphone in a room, and without having to think to hard, have it sound good. The room itself is an instrument and contributes a great deal to the tone of everything I record.